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Visiting Ripleys Aquarium Tennessee

I’m currently sitting on my back porch watching the lizards run across my dock and the pelicans fly over top of me. I feel like I’m writing a fairy tale, but really, I’m living it. I forgot how amazing this place makes me feel. I keep asking myself why I ever left Florida when I went last year, but then I keep reminding myself that I was dragged back home because I didn’t want to leave. Life is good… Now if only I could catch these damn lizards! They’re so fast!

Before I go on with my Florida outdoor adventures, I have to tell you about my time in Tennessee because there really isn’t anything lacking for things to do in Tennessee, especially in the area where I stayed which was the Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge area.  I guess we’ll start with the Ripleys Aquarium Tennessee since this was the first thing that I did, and the only thing that I planned. I love the ocean and marine life, as I’m sure you know since I do talk about it a lot… Hence why I love Florida so much… The ocean! So bright and early, I headed to the Ripleys Aquarium Tennesse. While young families with little tots are trotting towards the ticket booth, I’m the lonely adult soul, who is just as excited as the 5 year olds… And showing it! . It was a proud moment. Why should I miss out on the fun simply because my friends couldn’t travel with me to see and do all the things to do in Tennessee, right?

I can’t possibly tell you all the marvelous things about Ripleys Aquarium Tennessee, but my favourite parts were definitely the underwater tunnels where you can see the sharks swimming over you, sea turtles, sting rays and all that awesome stuff.  Oh, and the part where you could pet a string ray. That was awesome. I don’t know why I always find it so fascinating to touch weird animals that most people are scared of, but I never pass down the opportunity… Like holding this horseshoe crab! It’s like an underwater tranchula-crab… Or at least that’s what I referred to it as.


It just so happened that as I was driving to Ripleys Aquarium, I drove past a Titanic museum, so I made it my mission to go there before the day’s end. I totally love history and artifacts, and I especially love the Titanic, so anyone who knows me won’t be surprised that I stopped here to learn more about the people of the ship. It just so happened that there were Titanic book authors there doing a book signing so I met some incredible people. One of them was 11 year old Lucas Copas, who is thoroughly enticed by the TItanic and writes books for kids his age so they can learn about this worthy history as well. I then spoke with author Bruce Caplan who knows so much about the events of the Titanic that they used his book for the movie! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

I then headed inside the Titanic Museum which truly can’t be explained in a post. You have to go see a Titanic Museum. They’re so incredibly fascinating. You get to know the people of the ship and see amazing things. You must go!

Although I only did two activities in Tennessee, I can assure you that there are so many more things to do in Tennessee. For the Canadians, I describe it as Niagara Fall’s Clifton Hill, only two cities worth. I can’t wait to have kids and brings them there one day.

As of now, I’m off to explore the land of Florida. I’ll update my travel blog soon!




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