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A Chunk Of My Hair?!

lifestyle blogsYou guys remember my super-pro (yeah right) skater friend, Josh? He makes random appearances in my lifestyle blogs videos and he is super unique and I absolutely adore him? Well, I think it is time that I share a silly story with you. I really miss Josh, I haven’t seen him in a week, I’m going through withdrawals, but reminding myself of this incident makes me want to poke his eyes with a fork. I’m definitely kidding, his eyes are too gawg. Ha! He hates when I say gawg.
Gawg. Gawg. Gawg.
Sorry, I got carried away. Joshie asked me to cut his hair. I don’t know why because he had absolutely gawg Rob Pattinson hair. In which he does a fab impression, but won’t show it to me? How disgusting. Josh told me I could do absolutely whatever I wanted with his hair, as long as it wasn’t “normal”. lifestyle blogsHow exciting for me! We jump in my car, and “Sobeys here we come” for, not hair cutting scissors, but kitchen scissors!! hahah as I take the scissors to his head, I remembered all the damn times we have fought and he made me severely livid. Ha! Just kidding… kinda.
With that said, I made sure Josh had the best, most unique hair style evaarrr. This obviously included bald spots, long and short pieces, and absolute randomness. He wouldn’t let me take a picture so I had to chase him around. I kept all the top long. hahah He has been rawking it for about… 2 weeks now. I wanted to keep his curly side burns, but he cried for me to cut them off cause they bugged him. What a baby.
Josh asked for it – but for some odd reason, Josh justified the idea of him chopping a chunk of hair off my head!!!!!
lifestyle blogs
 What a great place to cut a chunk of my hair – and short enough that I cant cover it up. I’m rawking a half mullet on one side of my head. Thank you, Josh!
lifestyle blogs

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