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9 Words You Use That Are Ruining Your Writing

The other day, I realized, as a freelance writer, there are some words that simply don’t have to be in our vocabulary. More importantly, these words shouldn’t be in our vocabulary and don’t do justice for the words spoken – or in my case, written.

As a writer, it’s highly important to keep yourself learning. This is especially true as a freelance writer because you don’t have someone teaching you new (or reminding you of old) practices, techniques and writing tools.

So without further ado, avoid using these words in your writing!



I’m a big culprit of this one. “That” is unnecessary in a lot of sentence. If a sentence sounds good without it, don’t use it.



There are many words that sound much better than “very,” and it’s one of the most useless words in the English language. If something is “very good”, it’s scrumptious or delicious. If you’re “very sad”, you’re depressed. Forbid the very, folks!



I also use this one a lot to emphasize certain points of my content, but using “honestly” in your writing makes the reader assume that the rest of the content isn’t truthful.



Using “really” in your writing is similar to using very. It’s quite pointless. If you lose nothing from your sentences by cutting this word out, do it. Sometimes, simplicity is key!



Let’s say, “He just didn’t care”. Using “just” in this sentence does absolutely no justice for this sentence, as well as for many others. Again, if it sounds good without, just don’t use it.



Being a good writer is all about being able to relay certain feelings, smells, textures, etc. to the reader, simply by using words. “Things” is such a basic word, and you’re much better off using more descriptive terms. Sound more intelligent and inform your readers of what you’re talking about by eliminating “things” from your writing.


Always and Never

Unless you’re speaking the absolute truth, “always” and “never” shouldn’t be used. I never use them. False. I always work day-to-night. False. Be truthful, and your content will have more value.



People use “literally” to intensify the content. However, this word is often misused because it actually means precisely, as opposed to truly. If you’re going to use “literally”, make sure you use it correctly.



If you like these writing tips, stick around for more blog posts from yours truly! This is where I write about my experiences as a writer, as well as useful tips and tools for aspiring writers to follow to help achieve their dreams!


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