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Areee Yooou Scarrrreddd?

Of course, I was with Marlene when something absolutely unpredictable happened. As I have said a million times before, the weirdest things happen when we are together and that’s why we have the bestest, most random friendship. Marlene’s days off are Monday and Tuesday so we always have our coffee and breakfast together, whether we cook it, or go out to eat.  After crawling out of bed and fighting sleepy Diva off of my arm, we decided to go to to a specific restaurant which is in a bad part of the city, run down, but the absolute best place ever. It’s like you’re eating in your great-aunts kitchen. However, since it is in a certain part in the city, there are some very… for lack of better words, “weird” people who go. sleepy dog, spooning, cuddling

There is this one couple that is clearly a little ill upstairs, if you know what I mean. I see them there all the time. Now before I go any further, I must say I have a sweet spot for such people. I used to work with Developmentally kids and teenagers and just adore the innocence and happiness that each and every unique individual has. They love life and I admire them for that. The kids I worked with were Autistic, or had down syndrome so it’s not exactly the same, but in a nut shell, I am not one that get’s weirded out and stares at people who are “different”. I put “different” in quotations because who’s to say that they are “different or “abnormal” and that we’re not?

So the lady of this couple walks up to me as I am in the middle of a conversation with Marlene and gets awfully, uncomfortably close to my face and says, “Whyyy areeee yooou bacccking awaaay? Are you scaaareeed?” Well I most certainly wasn’t scared, but I was definitely caught off guard. I mean she popped out of no where and this comment came out of no where as well. Marlene said my face went beat red and anyone that knows me, knows that this does not happen. I was so caught off guard by how close she was and her comment as I was in the middle of a conversation. I ended up talking to the lady for the rest of the time we were at the restaurant and enjoyed her jokes and laughter and learning about her family. We even “met” her boyfriend of 4 years who she is “going to marry soon!”. Well, we didn’t really meet as he was busy shuffling horizontally sideways around the restaurant, but heck, we’ll say we “met” him. I even got another, “Areee you scarrrreddddd of meee?” moment, which I wasn’t as caught off guard with.. this time.

As I was leaving, she said nice to meet you and we said the same, she then said it 5 more times and I had to giggle about her absolute innocence. I say innocence because that’s all I can explain it as. Complete, harmless innocence and it made me start thinking about how many people look the other way, or don’t talk to people simply because of the way they talk, look or the way they dress.

It’s a shady world, but I am happy to say that Marlene and I have no part in that. It was an interesting start of my morning, as everyone knows I’m dead when I first wake up, but definitely was a humbling moment.

Again, pure innocence.

I have a good story about a Down Syndrome man I had met on a bus one time, that was my buddy and made my day. We’ll save that for another day though!


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