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6 Summer Beauty Tips to Keep Your Hair and Skin Lush This Season

The summer season can be insanely tough on your hair and skin, so you need some summer beauty tips. Aside from the intense UV rays soaking up your body’s natural moisture, add in chlorine, sun tan lotion and bug spray, and your skin suddenly resembles something you’d see in the lab of Breaking Bad. The worst part is that it’s summer – the one season where you actually show some skin. There’s nothing worse than strutting around with legs that look exactly like the fish you’re swimming with in the lake. Oh, and the flaking; the flaking will be the death of me.

I usually have a giant tub of pure coconut oil in the shower and another one in my bedroom to keep my beauty lush. However, I needed to find some beauty products that can go with me during the summer – wherever that may be. Carrying a bucket of coconut oil to the beach or traveling with it on a plane (big no-no as I found out) doesn’t necessarily scream “gorgeous!” by any means. So, I went on a hunt for the next best thing and of course, it led me straight to OGX Beauty because they’re affordable, effective, and smell just as amazing.

Here are my top 6 summer beauty tips that’ll keep your skin and hair lush!


1. Coconut Oil Repair Oil

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Due to my obsession with 100% pure coconut oil, it should come to you as no surprise that I’ve listed OGX Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Penetrating Oil as one of my summer beauty tips.

While this beauty product isn’t 100% coconut oil, it does have other ingredients infused into the mix for optimal damage control. Goodbye, summer frizz!

2. Weightless Hair Oil

Love. Obsessed. To die for! There are no other words I can use to describe this hair oil, which is why it’s one of my all-time favourite summer beauty tips. Aside from the absolutely delicious scent,the OGX Anti-Gravity & Hydration + O2 Weightless Oil & Lifting Tonic Spray rejuvenates your summer-dried-out tresses without slathering down your locks. It’s revolutionary.

3. Sea Mineral Lotion

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As a serious ocean-addict, any beauty products inspired by the sea instantly gets my attention. So, when I stumbled across the Sea Mineral Lotion in the drugstore, I grabbed it without thinking twice and I’m happy I did. This lotion has all the scents of the sandy shore with the moisturizing elements you need. It’s like a spa treatment in a body.

4. Argan Body Oil Mist

Any beauty products that have argan oil in it are a must have! Argan oil is infused with the silk proteins you need to keep your skin nourished throughout the season. The OGX Radiant Glow + Argan Oil of Morocco Body Oil is a mist, which is perfect for traveling to the cottage with! Plus, it leaves your skin radiant with the perfect dose of summer glow.

5. Argan Oil Dry Oil

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Speaking of argan oil, I can’t forget to mention OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Weightless Reviving Dry OilThis summer beauty product is for your hair but works the same way as the body oil mist. It infuses your hair with all the nutrients it needs to keep it luscious throughout the summer. The best part is that is doesn’t soak your hair in an oily film. It’s lightweight with the perfect amount of glow.

6. Coconut Miracle Oil Body Mist

I decided to save one of the best summer beauty tips for the end because might as well end this article off with a bang right? As soon as I started to mist my skin with the Coconut Miracle Oil Body Mist, it was gone. I instantly became obsessed because it’s ultra-hydrating and has that coconut oil I love, along with the scent of a tropical destination.  It’s like the true essence of summer in a bottle. So, I was misting out of control. So, needless to say, I need more of this stuff!


And there you have it, ladies. My top 6 summer beauty tips will keep your hair and skin rejuvenated throughout the season. I’d love to know what you think, so please share your experience with these products down below!


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