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Feminine Urban Streetwear Fashion Trends


Urban streetwear is often misunderstood as being a hardcore side of hip hop fashion that is inspired from rap stars, and very rarely give off the appearance of feminine ladies fashion. Although brands such as Phat Farm and G-Unit play a huge part in the urban streetwear culture, it is not a sense of style that is specific to any culture. Urban streetwear is a collaboration of trends that emphasize one’s individual style that steers clear of anything “mainstream” and generic. The fashion trends don’t have to be hardcore, hip hop, rap inspired, nor do they have to be surfer enthused, or artistically hipster. Urban streetwear caters to all kinds of styles, and feminine fashions is definitely one of them. Here are 5 ways to rock urban streetwear with more of a Kate Moss inspired, and less the Salt N’ Pepper concept.

Fashion Trends of Graphic Animals


Shirt from Dr Jays

A huge trend within urban streetwear  for girls right now is graphic shirts with animals on them. Celebrities, such as Rihanna and Gwen Stefani definitely know how to bring the urban streetwear into their shirts, and a simple white tee with a giant tiger face represents a lot more than just your love for animals.

Get Bold and Block


Tank From Bombing Science

Urban streetwear ladies fashion completely gets rid of any idea of clashing or not matching with your colors and graphics. The more ways you can combine completely spontaneous color blocks and designs, the better. By doing so, you will achieve the retro inspiration that makes females rocking urban streetwear super chic. A tribal inspired Bralette with high waisted jeans that have a splash or original color is another way to mix up your wardrobe to accentuate the bold and block.

Graphic Sweaters and Jackets


Tank Dress From Bombing Science

Rocking urban streetwear ladies fashion is all about being unique and eccentric within your fashion trends and choices. Instead of wearing a boring white sweater, opt for one that has an original design on it such as an oversized cheetah print heart. The same can be done for your outerwear lookbook options. If it’s plain and boring, it won’t satisfy your urban streetwear desires.

Footwear First

Shoes from Karmaloop

The easiest way to get a dazzling dose of urban streetwear for ladies fashion is by considering your footwear first. A cute pair of skinny jeans can be transformed into an original piece of fashion if you throw on a stunning pair of high tops sneakers with them. It takes the generic style of skinny jeans and turns them into an extraordinary piece of urban streetwear fashion.

Top It With a Hat

Hat from Karmaloop

In the world of streetwear, a slouchy hat can make any lookbook idea urban. Instead of opting for a big floppy hat that can be seen on the Royal family, get a little more comfortable with a slouchy hat that emphasizes that you’re a haute chic that can definitely relax. Plus, this accessory will come in handy for any bad hair days that may be in your future.

Urban streetwear ladies fashion doesn’t have to be inspired by the all-girl band, Salt N’ Pepper. Get rid of the black marker. You will not be drawing under eye today, ladies. Instead, keep your feminity close to your lookbook by following these top 5 tips.


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