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5 Beauty Products That Are The Balm!

If there are any make up tips that you need to follow, it’s this:

Place importance on high quality beauty products.

It is definitely vital to your makeup look, ’cause without that rule, you’ll be smudging and smearing down hooker-look-alike alley and ain’t nobody got time for dat.

I instantly fell in love with The Balm due to the packaging. You simply can’t trust a makeup company if they’re packaging is ugly. Let’s make that number two of make up tips to follow. However, that’s doesn’t mean that gorgeous beauty products will give you the same makeup look. So always proceed with caution…. or read my reviews first.
beauty products, makeup, make up tips


#1: How About ‘Em Apples Lip Palette

Eh! If the boys don’t entice you for this lip palette, then I don’t know what will. The best thing about The Balm’s lip products is definitely the fact that they aren’t sticky. There isn’t much worse than driving along or dancing up a storm with your hand stuck to your face because of your lip gloss. It’s like this stuff sinks right into your lips, making them luscious and natural looking – and smudge-free!

Canadian Blogger, beauty products, makeup, make up tips

#2:  NUDE ‘Tude Eyeshadow Palette

Every lady needs some nude shadows within her makeup collection, and these have impeccable pigment and the shimmer is for those of you who desire some damn glam in their life. The combinations are classic, and the names of each shadow truly represents what you get.

Canadian Blogger, beauty products, makeup, make up tips

#3: Mary-Lou Manizer

Even the names of the beauty products are damn clever! I never my mirror without some glimmer in the inner corner of my eyes, and as a highlight on the cheek bones – and you shouldn’t either. This luminizer will stay on day to night without going from glimmer to greasy!

beauty products, makeup, make up tips

#4: Balm Jovi Face Palette

This is a personal favourite of The Balm Cosmetic collection because it has eye shadows, luminizer, blush and lip all in the palette, and it gives you ideal makeup tips and combinations to achieve the ultimate look that you’re going for. Again, the pigment of this brand is intensely amazing. Click Here! for the Bible of Makeup Application.

beauty products, makeup, make up tips


#5: Sexy Mama Face Powder

This one is another personal favourite!  It’s a translucent power and it’s all you need to set your makeup in place, or to get rid of that damn shine that keeps bringing all the attention to your forehead in photos.

The Balm beauty products have turned out to be just as astonishing as packaging. I legitimately have abandoned all of my other eyeshadows, blushes and lip stains. Here are the 5 beauty products that are totally the balm!




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