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3 Hair Care Products For Post-Winter Loving

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As if the winter season wasn’t awful enough, it takes a serious toll on your tresses. Blondes have naturally drier hair. So, split ends, frizzy hair days and brittle strands are inevitable with the mix of ice, snow, and cold. But everyone suffers from the winter season’s sabotage. Make sure your hair days are looking bright for the Spring season with these 3 post-winter hair care products and tips!


Hair Care Products Using Keratin Oil

Keratin oil is the secret to treating your tresses and defending them against further winter damage. With these hair care products, you infused your hair with keratin proteins, which is vital to strengthening even the unhealthiest hair.

hair care products, beauty products, hair products, winter hair, spring hair, hair care tips, OXG productsHair care products infused with rich, keratin oil proteins work for all kinds of damaged hair. From a brutal hair dye job, dry, brittle strands post winter, common breakage from regularly brushing – you name it, keratin can fix it up!


However, not all hair care products that use keratin oil are created equally. There are many replica products that simply don’t do justice. It’s important to get true, authentic keratin oil hair care products in oder to reap the benefits and repair your hair, as they’re able to rebuild your hair fibers from the inside out.

Here are some of my favourite benefits of keratin oil!

1. Keratin oil helps repair dry and damaged hair, whether from the winter season, heat damage or a bad hair colouring session.

2. Keratin oil proteins repair damaged strands, making your hair stronger.

3. Keratin oil makes your hair night, soft, and shiny.

4. Keratin oil hair care products reduce frizz. hair care products, beauty products, hair products, winter hair, spring hair, hair care tips, OXG products

5. Keratin treats, prevents, and fights off future damage.


To battle the damage of this winter season, I use both the  OGX Anti-breakage + Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner combined with the OGX Anti-Breakage + Keratin Oil Weightless Rapid Reviving OilIt’s worked wonders so far and with all products being less than $9.99, you can’t go wrong!

It’s about time quality doesn’t come with a high price tag!


All products are available in major drugstores across Canada including Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu, and London Drugs. 


Do you have a secret hair care products I have to know about?

Comment down below or visit me on my social media pages.


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