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Fashion Trends To Hate for Ladies Fashion

There is no sense beating around the bush with the fashion trends because there are plenty that I cannot stand, and I can’t wait to tell those fashion designers for ladies fashion where to go. Okay, that was a little harsh.

To e honest, I don’t even care – as long as these pieces of ladies fashion are not in my wardrobe.

So, if you guessed that I am tearing up the ladies fahsion runway and telling the world about the dumbest fashion trends for spring, then you are a genius!

Did you expect anything less from me?

You can enjoy the Chicnova big sale but be sure to avoid this awful fashion trends.

Last week on my fashion blogs, I went over the fashion trends for spring that I actually like, and that will absolutely be embraced within my wardrobe. This week though, it’s all about the opposite. Burn these fashion trends to hell, damnit. Who are the fashion designers responsible for this fiasco?

The Most Hated Fashion Trends is the Collarless-Jackets

You might as well be wearing crotchless pants because this fashion blogs calling this trend an idiot! Collarless jackets just seem weird and wrong. It’s like a person put all of their makeup on but forgot their mascara or to do one of their eyebrows. It just seems so incomplete, and I declare it to go to hell.


Fashion Blogs Are Loving and Hating Iridescence


I went over this in my fashion blogs post last week. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with it.  I can handle some Iridescence in small doses, or on a clutch or accessories, but anything larger than that makes me want to vomit in my mouth. As I said, it’s like the material our 90s Barbie doll’s princess gowns were made out of – some cheap, nasty plastic made for girls walking on the corner. Okay, too far?

Fashion Designers Are All For Boxy Crop Jackets

Uuh… I thought these were fashion trends for ladies fashion… Not mens fashion. If something is making me look like a man, than I would go and get a sex change. What female wants their god-given curves or squat-earned ass to be covered up with some box, crop kind of crap. I don’t love this trend. We work hard to emphasize these curves, and we don’t want to cover them up just because some fashion designers created this…. Thing. We’re not Mormons. Goodbye, trend.

Fashion Blogs Don’t Like Female Suits

My fashion blogs have never been a fan of female suits. Not sure why. I just don’t like them. Some things were designed for men to be worn, and some things were designed for ladies fashion. They shouldn’t be mixed. I mean, I wouldn’t want to see a dude wearing booty shorts. On the contrary, I will say that this is one of the best of the worst fashion trends because it can look fabulous and the designs are impeccable and shaped for a woman’s body, but they still suck.

Plus, ladies are a sexy creature! Suits are not. Why would we want to hide that? If you’re going for sexy, this is not the way to do it.


On the bright side, I think I mentioned more fashion trends that there are to love in my  fashion blogs post from last week! So, there’s more good than bad… I think.



Is there specific fashion trends in ladies fashion that are driving you cray cray? Share your shazz down in the comment section!

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