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2014 Fashion Trends Bring Footwear Fever For Spring

It is time for you ladies reading this  fashion blog to start turning the sidewalk into your own personal runway because the fashion trends for the imminent spring season is one to fall head over heels for. Whether you’re a flat killer or would die for the right pair of high heels, the new spring shoes trends contribute to all walks of style. Here are the top 10 trends that you definitely need to fill your shoe rack up with.

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This Fashion Blog Says To Style Your Ladies Fashion Outfits With All of the Fashion Trends

As always, I paired the following footwear 2014 fashion trends with stunning spring shoe style and ladies fashion so that you can rock your inner sassy diva.

Lace Up Spring Shoes


How about a little walk on the edge of fashion ladies? The lace up heel fashion trends put a casual and daring spin on a rather classic and chic style.

Powerful Pumps for Ladies Fashion


Bam! Everyone needs some colour, and this fashion blog is one who can appreciate the ladies fashion industry giving us some vibrant hues to play with. Put some power into your step by throwing some wild tones into your spring shoes.

Fashion Blog Fave – Stacked Heels


Watch out, Empire State Building. This fashion blog is coming for you. Stacked heels are one of the highest 2014 fashion trends of footwear for spring shoes… Pun intended. Get it? Get it?

Fashion Trends Love Neon Heels


Rave, or no rave – every lady needs some neon in her spring shoes wardrobe. Channel your inner ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ and let your heels do the talking.

Ladies Fashion Fave – Peep-Toe Booties


Playing peek-a-boo is like, so totally yesterday, but not for spring shoes fashion trends. Peep-toe booties are perfect for those April showers that are bringing May flowers.

Riskay Ladies Fashion With Ankle Cuffs


Handcuffs or ankle cuffs – they both sound pretty damn awesome. This Canadian fashion blog will take two of each, please.

Cutout Wedges


Gone are the days of bulky wedges because chiseling out a little bit of the inside has opened up the look and allow the slender appeal to flow straight through this season’s spring shoes.

Wedge Sneakers


If you’re a kicks kind-of-girl, you no longer have to sacrifice your desire (need) for a little ladies fashion boost. Wedge sneakers keep it casual and cool, are are so urban streetwear chic.

Platforms Girls


If you wanna be my lover… Is not the kind of style you should be trying to replicate with platform spring shoes. Instead, the style is much less ‘scary spice’ and indulges more into the ‘posh spice’ appeal.

Meow for Designed Flats


At this fashion blog, I am not a flat lover… But I did just order 3 pairs in zebra, cheetah and some other kind of weird design. So, in other words, spring shoes and ladies fashion are bringing some personality and flair to those flats.

Out of all the 2014 fashion trends mentioned, do you have a favourite? Share your style down below!


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