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Naturally Lightening Hair Styles

What a purely peaceful day. Yesterday it was raining in the morning and call me crazy, but I love the rain! I can’t stand cloudy days, but there’s something about the rain that makes me wants to snuggle up, watch some good chick flicks and just take a step back from the rat race of life and breathe… and I did just that.

The rain stopped around noon and the sun started to beam, which left me with a beautiful sunset to end my day with. I sat outside and had a romantic time with me, myself and I. Well, Diva was there too… and my amazing Tim Hortons iced cap. Nom Nom. I’m addicted to these things. “Large espresso ice cap made with chocolate milk, please.” comes out of my mouth way more than my budget can styles

There’s something about dusk that I love. It’s such a majestic time of day. Sometimes, you just need to take the time to just breathe. Often times people forget how important it is to just sit back, reflect on your life, good and bad, and just breathe.

Now, today is a little different. The sun is shining and I am totally going to roast my little (not so little) booty out on the dock. I’m going to naturally lighten these long, luscious locks with some Lemon Juice. No, not Sun In hair styles, ladies. Do you know how unnatural that shaz is?!


Sure, you think it’s a natural product because you spray it in your hair and then let the sun work it’s magic but let’s get serious here, the sun isn’t doing shaz for you. Don’t believe me? Just read the ingredients! What’s number one? You better believe it… bleach! And if you put bleach in your hair, sun or no sun, it’s going to lighten your strands. Heck, you might as well just go to the salon. Seriously.

So don’t be fooled, my lovely hairy ladies. If you want to natural lighten your hair with the sun, use Lemon Juice. Does lemon juice really lighten your hair? Absolutely. Why else would I do it? Trust me, having the bugs out attacking me isn’t something that I ideally opt to do each day… well, without a good reason… like lightening my hair. Duh.

There are two ways you can do this. The easiest and less messy option is with a spritz bottle. Hit up your local dollar store and put some lemon juice in it and spritz away. Spritz. Spritz. Spritz. I love that styles

Now, because I don’t have patience to sit and spritz my hair with little amounts of lemon juice until my hair is damp, I like to just dunk my hair, or pour it on my hair. However, with this option, be careful ladies. Don’t let that sugary juice touch your face or you’re in for a red dotted craze… and no, not just from a sun burn. Can you say acne? Ew!

Lastly, you can use lemon juice in your hair to get streaks! Instead of placing the lemon juice all over your hair, grab specific pieces. Hey! If saves you from damaged the hell out of your hair, and from breaking the bank at the salon!

What is your favourite way to lighten your hair?


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