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100% Natural Beauty Products from Fit Lips

Since starting my beauty blogs, I really have taken a move towards natural beauty tips for several reasons. As a full time freelance writer for many beauty blogs and other things, I have had the opportunity to write many articles about how landfills, waste and pollution affect the world that we live in. More importantly, it has made me realize how it will change the world that my children will live in one day.  So, I have made a cautious decisions to try to purchase beauty products that minimize the amount of waste while still providing the quality of beauty products that  I require.

beauty products, natural beauty tips, beauty blogs

That is when I found a Canadian company, only a couple hours away from me actually, called Fit Lips.

What Are Fit Lips Beauty Products?

Fit Lips are 100$ natural lip balm beauty products. The products that get packed with the chemicals and perfumes usually don’t work as amazingly anyway, so this was what, as mentioned, initially intrigued me. There is no petroleum or parabens which are highly used chemicals within the beauty industry that come with serious risks. The products also don’t contain any wheat or gluten.  The packaging is also recyclable and I’ll get to that in a bit.

The products that I have are:

  • Lip Scrub which was fabulous for treating dry lips from the winter, and I’ll definitely use it for dry lips from the sun. It also tasted delicious!
  • Plain Lip Balm which was sparkle and scent free – perfect for wearing under lip sticks and glosses.
  • Tin of Passion Fruit Lip Balm

beauty products, natural beauty tips, beauty blogs

Super Natural Sun Protection With These Beauty Products

Aside from the 100% natural elements, the lip balms also contain natural SPF which comes from grape seed, hemp seed and jojoba. It’s amazing the things you learn when you read the packaging of your products. If you have never had a sunburn on your lips (my mom has) you may not appreciate this feature. Let me put it into perspective for you – your entire lips, both top and bottom, are fully taken over my red hot cold sores.

What Makes Fit Lips Natural Beauty Tips Different

At first glance, you might think the products are made cheap. However, they’re made specifically to be re-usable and recyclable. For example; the paper of the natural, no scent, no perfume tube is essentially paper, but the way it is put together and designed is brilliant. As for the tins, they are reusable. I like putting extra Tic Tacs in them once I have used up my lip balm. The best features that I liked are:

  • Not goopy or sticky!!

With a convertible, I especially needed some serious lip balms that weren’t going to coat my hair in some goop anytime the wind blows.

beauty products, natural beauty tips, beauty blogs

What I Didn’t Like About These Beauty Products

I am a sticky hand nazi and a germaphob so I don’t like using my finger to apply the lip balm from the tin. So, I would just put my lips in the tin and smudge. Sometimes this gave me a pretty yucky after taste though. On the bright side, I could just get the lip balm in the paper tube to avoid this.


Natural Beauty Tips To Make Your Lip Fit Better

The only natural beauty tips that I can honestly think of is with the lip scrub. You use it so gently remove any dry skin that has gathered onto your lips. As a result, you get smooth kissable lips. I recommend doing the lip scrub over the sink, but hold the tin under your lips as well so that the falling scrub isn’t wasted. It just falls back into the tin and you can use it again. Also, if you don’t use it over the sink, it could get messy.

beauty products, natural beauty tips, beauty blogs


P.S. If you’re wondering where the paper tube of lip balm is, it fell behind my dresser and I can’t get it! Typical me, right?


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